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Worksheets- Adjectives

Teacher : Gisele Alves
1). Read the  text
                                   A BRAZILIAN GIRL IN  THE USA
      ___ Who is that girl? She is lovely, isn’t she?

      ___ Her name is Taís. She is from Brazil.

      ___ Where is that?

      ___ It’s a country in South America.

      ___ Where is she studying?

      ___ In our school, she is my classmate. She is a very nice girl.

      Taís is Brazilian. She’s a lively girl but sometimes she’s a little shy. Her  hair is long

and curly and her eyes are blue. Mr. and  Mrs. Douglas are her host family. Taís is worried

about her school but her English is pretty good. Her teacher, Mr. Morris is a helpful man.

The girl is surprised with the United States. Everything is new to her. It’s her first trip to a

foreign country. Taís is very  happy.

about: sobre, a respeito           pretty good: muito bom                her: seu, sua, dela
country: país                           shy: envergonhado, tímido            who: quem
curly: encaracolado                 sometimes: às vezes                      but: mas, porém
everything: tudo                     lively: cheio de vida                       surprised: surpreendido                                                 South: Sul                               worried: preocupado                      trip: viagem
helpful: prestativo                  host family: família anfitriã                                                                                                                   

2). Answer:
1. Where is Taís from? ______________________________________________________
2. Where is she now ? _______________________________________________________
3. What is she doing there? ___________________________________________________
4. What color are her eyes ? __________________________________________________
5. Is her hair  short ? ________________________________________________________
6. Who is Mr. and Mrs. Douglas ? _____________________________________________
7. Who is  Taís’ teacher ? ____________________________________________________
8. Is this her first trip ? ______________________________________________________
9. Is her teacher bad ? ______________________  10. Is she shy ? ___________________

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